The Spring Yard, Garden, Leisure and Renovation Show is filled with people who want to help you with your spring plans from yard care to renovation projects to gardening needs to fun times to personal plus’s you might not of known you needed until you discover them at the show!


This show is created to help you make the most of your spring and summer cares without the stress of traveling from  store to store, town to town trying to find the best prices or that new something your wanting but have yet to find. 

We strive to bring as many businesses geared toward these specific needs to help make your life a bit simpler.  At the same time we bring some fun to the show because these are the things most of us think about when we see the sun start to shine and the weather warm, projects and play!


Lisa Moran began this show 15 years ago with her passion for all things out door she envisioned a gathering of folks who share the same passion.  Her husband, Gary, became involved along the way and has added his own flare with his passion to build and grow.  Both are highly creative, hard working individuals who love community, fun and helping others thrive!  This dynamic duo makes this show a one of a kind! We host this event at the Chilliwack Heritage Park Building usually the last weekend of March.

We look forward to seeing you at this year's show March 24, 25,26 2017!

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