This is a focused show with recognition that some people love shows for the “other” fun stuff that is all things trade show but Lisa, Gary and their team, strive to make sure Yards, Gardens, Renovations and all things Spring, like the leisure we enjoy on those warm spring & summer days remain the focus!

 We encourage you to consider adding this to your list of “marketing plans” for the following reasons:


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Affordable and the best value for your marketing dollar

Get them off the phone and have a person to person exchange!  Today’s world uses   phones and websites more than one on one contact but sales of any kind are often far more successful when a face to face opportunity occurs!   Nothing is more powerful than a one on one connection this show gives you a platform to make that easy.

Many people may walk past your store front, review your website even give you a phone call but never step inside your business, at this show they are stepping “inside”.

Advertising – The average business spends between 7 to 11% on marketing - We commit to a budget of 18% of all booth revenues to get the word out that you exist!  Newspapers, Radio, Posters, flyers, Road side signs, Facebook (yes it costs money) we research it all and market this show using many methods.   Other shows charge additional fees for advertising we keep it simple and competitive.

Networking – not just with the public but with other exhibitors, many amazing connections have proven fruitful for exhibitors connecting with exhibitors. We reserve a lounge for exhibitors with that purpose in mind!  Learn the latest industry trends!

Receive immediate feedback from the public to reinforce and test your marketing strategies, product and/or service.  This knowledge can save you tremendous time in the future.


Your attendance is one more way to show the public your commitment to them because lives are busy and bringing everyone under one roof makes life easier for them!

Whether the volume of attendance is high or low we have always received enough positive feedback from our exhibitors and attendees to continue to support this show, 15 years of history has proven it is profitable for all concerned.


Lisa, Gary and their team are committed to bringing another stellar year of all things

Yard, Garden, Leisure & Renovation!  March 24,25,26 - 2017


Do not have the staff or the time to be physically in attendance at the show but want to be a part of this experience consider sponsorship

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